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Deutsch DS DM & RR70 Series

The Hellermann Deutsch DS and DM Series of connectors provide the equipment designer with a range of quick disconnect, push pull coupling miniature circular connectors with both crimp (DS) and bonded in solder (DM) type contacts. Both ranges meet the requirements of MIL-C-81703 series 1 and 2 and incorporate ball lock coupling, visual mating inspection, continuous dielectric separation, and full environmental sealing. The DS and DM series are intermateable and connectors for Rack and Panel appl ications are available in both series. The series are further extended by a range of DM Hermetic connectors.

General Specification

Current Rating

The current rating of any contact within a connector is governed by the heating effect of the current and the ambient temperature.

The performance of the DS/DM series connectors at all times exceeds the bunched ratings of the appropriate size wire having insulation equal in temperature rating to that of the connector.

Individual contact loading should not exceed:

Size 20 contacts -7.5 amps

Size 16 contacts -25 amps

Size 12 contacts -40 amps


Operating temperature range:

DS = -40°C to +150°C

DM = -40°C to +65°C

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

Mated connectors 2000 V.A.C. r.m.s. at Sea level.

Contact Spacing

Size 20 contacts -.138 inch centres (MIN)

Size 16 contacts -.170 inch centres (MIN)

Size 12 contacts .232 inch centres (MIN)

Usable Conductor Sizes

Size 20 contacts -24 A.W.G. to18A.W.G.

Size 16 contacts -18 A.W.G. to16 A.W.G.

Size 12 contacts -14 A.W.G. to12 A.W.G.

Wire Sealing Range 


Size 20 contacts .060" to .100"  O/D

Size 16 contacts. 105" to .135"  O/D

Size 12 contacts .150" to .195"  O/D


Size 20 contacts .060" to .115" O/D

Size 16 contacts .115" to .150" O/D

Size 12 contacts .150" to .200" O/D

Insert Material

DS -Silicone DM -Neoprene

Shell Material and Finish

DS/DM -Aluminium Alloy protected with a clear cadmium plated finish.

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